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We are;

A mixed bag of ordinary people from various walks of life. 

You will find the very old (but lively) the old , the not so young , the young  and the children. 

A host of different personalities and characters, just like any family.

We call ourselves a family because under God when we join His Church that is what we become. 

By God’s Grace and His Spirit, we have the love and concern for each member of the church family

as we would have for our own families.

The one important thing we have in common  is that we love the Risen Lord Jesus and we come together to enjoy Him , to read about Him, to pray to Him,  to sing to Him

and to seek His Guidance in our daily lives.  Because we know and love Him we also want to tell others about Him and His amazing Love.

We are not “Holier than Thou”, nor do we think we are better at any level, than anyone else. 

In fact it is fair to say that we see ourselves as sinners, desperately in need of God’s Healing, Saving ,Love and Forgiveness.

Check out these few readings.