Ministry Team

 Rev. Andew Satchell with Elder Emeritus Betty Paterson and Rev Thang Bwee on a visit from Myanmar


Our Minister- Andrew Satchell.

He is a husband to beautiful Belinda and father of 2 delightful daughters, Charlotte and Analise.

Before coming to Devonport, Andrew was a minister in Manilla near Tamworth in country N.S.W. and Caulfield South in Melbourne

He also worked in the banking industry for 10 years.

Previously a keen football and soccer player, Andrew now tends to watch more sports than participating in them.

He also enjoys helping out in church concerts and skits and even in the men’s ballet, he is always willing to give things a go.

Enjoying getting to know people, and sharing the gospel compels Andrew,

and his love for the Lord, his strong faith, and his biblical teaching is a blessing to our congregation.

We are delighted by this ministry.


Session Clerk- Malcolm Paterson,


Andrew Satchell

Malcolm Paterson

Christine Paterson

Ian Mckendrick

Elders Emeritus:   Dudley Bakes

                              Ian Paterson

                                Betty Paterson

Retired due to illness: Jack van der Wald