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Growth Groups

Growth groups are an opportunity during the week to look at the bible,

We believe that Scripture is the inspired Word of God . 2 Timothy 3:16 

Because we believe in the authenticity of Scripture we earnestly desire to learn what it is God wants to teach us.

In a relaxed atmosphere you will find the studies informative, the sharing within the groups encouraging and God’s Word revealing.

Tuesday nights 7:30 pm Devonport and Port Sorrell.  These groups follow the sermon series and are led by Rev Andrew Satchell and Rev. Ian McKendrick respectively.

Thursday mornings 10:00 am.“Know your Bible” studies led by Christine Penton held in the  Devonport Presbyterian Church 13 Edward Street Devonport

 We are always keen to see people join either of these groups or to be involved in new ones, contact us if you are interested or need more information.

 Contact   Rev. Andrew Satchell 

Why do we study the Bible? 

We believe that Scripture is God’s living Word to us.

There is solid evidence from both historical documents and archeology from non-religious sources as well as religious as to the authenticity of scripture.

There are claims that the Bible is a work of fiction. It is just a story that was written by various men of fallible memory who had their own agenda.

Many people believe it was written many centuries after the events and as such, it can’t be authentic.

‘Modern archeology verifies that four biographies of Christ were written within the lifetime of people who saw, heard, and followed Jesus.

These gospel accounts contained specific facts and descriptions confirmed by those who

were eyewitnesses of Jesus. 2 Peter 1:16

For those who do not believe this, many tales surround the Bible.

There is bountiful undeniable evidence that these tales are unfounded.

“The New Testament was written 40 -100 A.D. and the earliest copy was 125 A.D.time span 25 years.

Compare this with other historical events which are seldom questioned about accuracy  which were written 1000 – 1.300 years after the events.”

“There are over 2,000 specific prophecies in the Bible which have already been fulfilled.

There are no other such prophecies in the ‘scriptures’ of any other religion.

The events of these highly specific and detailed prophecies took place hundreds or even thousands of years after they were made.

A non-religious book “Predictions”  which examined futuristic predictions in history states: “There are over 322 predictions in Hebrew that were fulfilled in Jesus.

Among the forecasts was the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem.” 

“The crucifixion of Jesus and the casting of dice for his robe was detailed 1000 years BC- before crucifixion had ever been devised as a  means of execution.”

They were not lucky guesses. “How can any human be 100% right over 2,000 times? “

These points merely skim the surface of the undeniable evidence of the authenticity of Scripture as God’s Word.

If  after reading this text you have questions you would like to discuss,  contact Rev.  Andrew Satchell

( Quotes-  Bill Medley: ‘Religion is for Fools.’ 2012 )

Flowing on from reading God’s Word we desire to come to Him in prayer.


“A Praying Church knows that God is always more ready to hear our prayers than we are to pray and that he is able to do far more than we ask or imagine” Peter Adam

Prayer Groups.

Sunday morning  9:25a.m: Devonport Presbyterian Church 13 Edward Street Devonport.

Monday afternoon at 2 pm: Devonport Presbyterian Church 13 Edward Street Devonport

After Service 2nd Sunday- monthly: Congregational Prayer Meeting.

Whatever your background or life experience you will be warmly welcomed.

Fellowship Meeting

Interesting and challenging topics, guest speakers, outings, and events for both men and women!





Informal Coffee and Catch up  Get together;

Women Tuesday mornings from 10:00 a.m. at “Waterfront”  Devonport / Spreyton
Men Tuesday afternoons from 2 p.m. at Marion Storm Cafe. 6 Gloucester Avenue Devonport.






Our Choir meets Thursday at 5:00 pm in the church for practice.

    Under the tutelage and baton of Rosie Stapleton, our group of faithful choristers adds much to our worship experience.

We have been blessed to hear them singing a variety of old, ancient, and modern worship pieces.

We have had Easter Cantatas and special choral pieces for Christmas.

It is an added blessing to sing praises to our God.

If you love to sing, come along to practice. If you love to sing but can’t read music, come along to practice.

You will be made very welcome.

Memorandum of Understanding.

The Presbyterian Church of Australia’s national assembly ratified the following Memorandum of Understanding with the Christian Reformed Churches of Australia:
” This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU )is between the Christian Reformed churches of Australia ( CRCA) and the Presbyterian Church of Australia (PCA) As reformational and confessional churches this MOU seeks to foster a closer more formal relationship between our two denominations within the Australian cultural context. Formal recognition would grant bilateral work more authority and provide greater impetus and stimulus to our churches to work together in God’s Kingdom. Such a relationship would be focussed in terms of engagement.
At a local level such engagement would include ;
* Combined Services, where suitable or desired
* Receiving of one another’s members
* Recognition of one another’s Ministers for preaching duties.
*Working together in local evangelism
* Focussing church planting work with consideration for one another.
* Combining and /or assisting with local diaconal /mercy ministries where possible.

At a broader level, such engagement would include;
* Cooperation and mutual encouragement between denominational diaconal ministries
* Overseas mission information exchange and cooperation
* Cooperation with Presbyterian Inland Mission
* Working together on societal challenges that face us,e.g.
marriage equality, safe church issues, submissions to government on various ethical-moral issues.
* Exchange of greetings and delegates at broader church assemblies.

* Provide a foundation for closer relationships with other
reformational churches throughout Australia.
It is understood that this MOU is subservient to and must comply with the current and future decisions of the Synods of the CRCA and the General Assemblies of the PCA.

Where any conflict occurs the formal decisions of the broader assemblies of each denomination takes precedence.

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