About Us

We are:

A mixed bag of ordinary people from various walks of life.

We are not “Holier than Thou”, nor do we think we are better in any way than anyone else. 

In fact, it is fair to say that we see ourselves as sinners, desperately in need of God’s Healing,

Redeeming Love, and Forgiveness.

You will find the very old (but lively) the old, the not-so-young, the young, and the children. 

A host of different personalities and characters, just like any family.

We call ourselves a family because under God when we join His Church that is what we become. 

By God’s grace and His Spirit, we have love and concern for each member of the church family

as we would have for our own families.

The one important thing we have in common is that we love the Risen Lord Jesus and we come together

to enjoy Him,  read about Him, through Bible studies, pray to Him, sing to Him, as choir members or enthusiastic congregation members, and seek His guidance in our daily


Why do we study the Bible? 

We believe that Scripture is God’s living Word to us.

There is solid evidence from both historical documents and archeology from non-religious sources as well as religious as to the authenticity of scripture.

There are claims that the Bible is a work of fiction. It is just a story that was written by various men of fallible memory who had their own agenda.

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Many people believe it was written many centuries after the events and as such, it can’t be authentic.

‘Modern archeology verifies that four biographies of Christ were written within the lifetime of people who saw, heard, and followed Jesus.

gospel accounts contained specific facts and descriptions confirmed by those who

were eyewitnesses of Jesus. 2 Peter 1:16′

For those who do not believe this, many tales surround the Bible.

There is bountiful undeniable evidence that these tales are unfounded.

“The New Testament was written 40 -100 A.D. and the earliest copy was 125 A.D.  a timespan of 25 years.

Compare this with other historical events which are seldom questioned about accuracy  which were written 1000 – 1.300 years after the events.”

“There are over 2,000 specific prophecies in the Bible which have already been fulfilled’.

There are no other such prophecies in the ‘scriptures’ of any other religion.

The events of these highly specific and detailed prophecies took place hundreds or even thousands of years after they were made.

A non-religious book “Predictions”  which examined futuristic predictions in history states: “There are over 322 predictions in Hebrew that were fulfilled in Jesus.

Among the forecasts was the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem.” 

“The crucifixion of Jesus and the casting of dice for his robe was detailed 1000 years BC- before crucifixion had ever been devised as a  means of execution.”

They were not lucky guesses. “How can any human be 100% right over 2,000 times? “

These points merely skim the surface of the undeniable evidence of the authenticity of Scripture as God’s Word.

If after reading this text you have questions you would like to discuss,  contact Session Clerk Malcolm Paterson.

( Quotes-  Bill Medley: ‘Religion is for Fools.’ 2012 )


Because we know and love Him we also want to tell others about Him and His amazing Love.

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