Points for Prayer

“Without the ‘spark’ of prayer,

the church quietly loses energy, doing only what’s humanly possible.” 

A taster from the article in “The Gospel Coalition.” Check out the Link.


In our Post Christian society, the concern for the rights of those exercising their freedom
of religion is increasing. 
Please pray for:
  • God to be Glorified.
  • Those believers who because of their love and stand for the Lord Jesus
          are being persecuted
  • Our children to be protected from the pressures in this disbelieving world
  • The Gospel to spread throughout our land
  •  All believers stand strong in the Lord.
  • Our hearts to be forgiving of those who do not know what they are doing and
           prayerful for those who know exactly what they are doing, against the Will of God.
  • Unity within our churches
  •  Nations destroyed and devastated by natural disasters and war.
  • The poor, the weak, the disheartened, and those who feel their faith is slipping away. 
  • All ministers of God’s Word, church leaders, and administrators throughout our Nation.